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Led Tube Light

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  • FreeTuber 360
  • FreeTuber 360
  • FreeTuber 360
  • FreeTuber 360
FreeTuber 360FreeTuber 360FreeTuber 360FreeTuber 360FreeTuber 360

FreeTuber 360

  • Product Brand: Always Lighting
  • Product Model: AL-TB002
  • Warranty Time: One-Year
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Product description: Led Tube Stage Light
It supports DMX512 signal input, supports SPI
output, 360°rotation, adjustable angle,
controllable speed, and achieves excellent
lighting effects when working with the Art-net
1.DC24V low voltage input;
2.DMX signal input, SPI signal output, stable signal, simple operation;
3.Zero value detection, automatic calibration (reset) after power-on;
4.Precise control, high refresh, high brightness, high grayscale;
5.Support software control and MA console control;
6.Working with the Art-net controller will be sample to operate.
This product can be widely used in stage lighting,
bar atmosphere foil, KTV project advertising
display screen, planetarium and science
museum, dance lighting effect.
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