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  • FreeTuber Battery
  • FreeTuber Battery
  • FreeTuber Battery
  • FreeTuber Battery
FreeTuber BatteryFreeTuber BatteryFreeTuber BatteryFreeTuber Battery

FreeTuber Battery

  • Product Brand: Always Lighting
  • Product Model: AL-TB001
  • Warranty Time: One-Year
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • Product description: FreeTuber Battery
● Input voltage: 100-240Vac, 50/60HZ
● Power: 40W
● Color system: RGBWA color mixing
● Power connection: the charging interface is in the air box, and the adapter can also be used for charging
● Signal connection: 2.4G wireless connection, wireless connection within effective distance
● Battery: Lithium electronic battery, 9600MAH
● Display: OLED display
● Maximum runtime (monochromatic bright): up to 8 hours
● Charging time: 7 hours
● Strobe: 0-30HZ
● Dimming: 4 dimming modes
● Control method: wireless DMX, mobile phone APP, remote control
● Channel: 4CH/5CH/6CH/7CH/12CH/40CH/80CH/160CH
● Cooling system: natural cooling
● Shell: aluminum alloy, semi-gloss oxide fine black sand
● Standard accessories: infrared remote control, charger
● Size: 1435MM (length) * 50mm (diameter)
● Weight: 2.5kg
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